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seem to be, let me cut to the chase: here is essentially the most marvelous database you’ll come across. Many don’t absolutely remember the revolution which came about in correspondence chess with the advent of engines. One might mistakenly consider all the work is made by means of the daftar poker engine, but here is no longer the case. The analysis into the opening is made in collaboration between the human and the engine, developing a brand new type of chess participant, never viewed before: the Centaur.

We be aware of that a comparison between the premiere human and an engine ceased to be significant after 2005, because engines became so mighty that no human could basically pose any probability. really, many mistake the 3300 rating of the proper engines for a human ranking, however is not. it’s calculated between machines which, with one 2d per movement, are able to steer clear of tactical errors 5 strikes ahead and, inside a fraction of a second, can calculate a checkmate in 12 or more moves.

in a similar way, one could argue the AlphaZero programmers erred once they made their assessment solely in opposition t the right engine. the error was to feel the highest quality engine is de facto the strongest chess participant on the earth. this is no longer real. The strongest chess player on the planet is the Centaur, one who has a desktop dedicated to chess, an SSD strong State drive for the endgame tablebases — or an Endgame turbo USB flash drive —, and an SSD for the outlet repertoire, which has been deepened throughout the years with the Monte Carlo method. The findings made by means of the Centaur are nowhere to be found, even in industrial engines if a business engine is the exact one to locate!. in opposition t such a creature, AlphaZero would have had difficulties to recall even one online game.

i am not a correspondence chess participant, i’m a match player, my reminiscence is proscribed, and to calculate a five-circulate checkmate —certainly if it is not a pressured linear sequence — can engage a while. well-nigh, you might say, i am a snail in an international of elephants and tigers.

So why became I so excited to acquire this database? because I trust it might train me a great deal! How? for example I are looking to learn an opening, where might I discover the latest analysis made via computer systems and checked by people? The question is rhetorical, on the grounds that the respond is all there in the Correspondence Database.

I by no means performed correspondence chess, but I know it is very exciting, so i thought I may still interview some of the ideal players within the united states. Wolff Morrow is a superb chess artist, and you’ll be able to admire his masterpieces on the covers of the Gambit books.

cover of intense Chess tactics by way of Yochanan Afek 2017

for those that love stories, right here is a detailed-up of the place, a checkmate in four six strikes:

A study by using E. Pogosiants Shakhmaty v SSSR 1976

Play out the examine on the diagram!

one more pleasing cover comes from the book The Chess Attacker’s instruction manual, a great study, and naturally another cowl masterpiece. I loved it so lots that I kept it as a computing device historical past for a lot of months.

Courtesy Wolff Morrow

listed here are his correspondence stats:

ICCF Senior overseas master


  • latest ranking: ICCF 2514 ranked ninth within the us of a
  • 19th ICCF u.s. Correspondence Chess Champion
  • At appropriate is the trophy for the nineteenth united states CC championship.

    DN: When did you inaugurate to play chess?

    WM: challenging query to answer. My father become a ‘Fischer Boomer’ and so he performed the game for a long time. When i was eight years old in 1982, he taught me the rules and we played our first game. He took so lots of my items that he by chance stalemated me! So i ended up drawing a veteran player in my very first video game! We in no way performed each other once again after that, as I wasn’t really attracted to chess on the time. although on and off over the years there could be board games at pals’ houses or at college that we might from time to time escape, and chess can be one in all them, but again, I saw chess as just an additional board game along the likes of checkers and backgammon.

    Wolff Morrow on the board

    What sparked my true interest in chess become in meeting new pals when I moved to Texas from Seattle in the mid-1990’s. In 1996 one such buddy named Sean changed into touted as being a ‘good’ chess participant on the town, and it struck me as abnormal because he didn’t appear just like the class of man that would even play chess, much less to an arbitrary ‘energy’ degree. We had been all video online game enthusiasts at that time, having highway Fighter II events or taking part in Doom Deathmatch. on the grounds that I barely knew greater than just the guidelines of the online game of chess, i was below the naive assumption that the video game become simply a look at various of your intelligence. i believed to myself: “If this guy performs serious chess, I should be able to provide him a very good game”. So we began taking part in chess on a regular foundation; at the least 3 instances every week. I without delay realized when he would beat me that there was a lot more to chess than without difficulty your IQ. there were visible concepts that I hadn’t appreciated, and primary fundamentals i used to be discovering the complicated method I knew nothing about. With that pointed out, it didn’t retract long earlier than I all started trading wins with Sean, and this went on for just a few months…

    Then in 1997, I examine within the information that Kasparov then world champion of chess was taking over IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ laptop, which he had apparently defeated the previous year. seeing that I now became actively enjoying chess, I took a robust pastime during this match and followed it from begin to finish. The drama and anxiety become enjoyable to me. and i realized there had to be extra I might be taught from the video game than simply the stage I attained from playing my chum all the time. it really is once I went to the native recycled books store and browsed the chess area. the primary booklet I chosen and acquired become I. A. Horowitz’s.”Chess Openings in theory and follow”. studying this ebook was like a magical tome to me, revealing substantial skills of the game I by no means knew existed. I found out that the opening defence my buddy Sean favored to use to always travel me up become referred to as the Scotch. I studied it and spent hours and hours going over the other opening chapters. Two weeks later, I met with my chum Sean and quickly overwhelmed him off the board! i was hooked on chess from then on. I all started going to the local membership, collecting books, and playing chess on-line. i was 23 years ancient, so in all honesty, i noticed I had neglected out on the finest years of my existence to look at chess as a child, and as such, I knew I wasn’t going to be an international-shaker at the game. i’d just retain enjoying anyway for the enjoyable and pleasure of it.

    I did play in a couple of OTB hobbies and even managed to beat a country wide grasp the use of the French Defence I had learned from observing a Chessbase DVD on the discipline.

    A Classical ebook to the French Defence

    This DVD offers you the important thing to launch out with the French Defence. GM Yannick Pelletier is a expert of this opening, and believes that the gold standard approach to be aware its ideas, plans, and usual buildings is to look at classical strains.


    however, my difficulty with OTB tournaments changed into the stress component. I simply comfortably could not relax and play to my most advantageous means, and often found people I could effortlessly beat in unrated intimate video games would get the improved of me in tournament instances. In my remaining formally rated USCF OTB event, I managed to hold the begin section with a perfect sweep and shared first region. The different participant had seniority in ranking over me but changed into neighbourly enough to defer the first location trophy to me considering that it was my first ever chess accomplishment, and the trophy became in memoriam of a chummy club player and pal of mine that had passed away the outdated year. So it turned into a special victory to me, and gave the impression a neat technique to ‘retire’ from rated OTB chess considering my nerves had been with ease not letting me play to the best of my ability.

    Morrow keeping the David Wroe Memorial initiate part Trophy |  Wolff Morrow archives

    DN: for the way long have you ever performed correspondence chess? was it at all times with engines?

    WM: My first experience with correspondence chess become with the USCF’s personal correspondence software, and this was done by the use of postcards. I handiest played one phase and did decently, except one paranoid participant that I managed to eek out into a successful endgame accused me of dishonest with an engine besides the fact that I failed to even have a laptop at the moment. This truly soured me on the experience, and that i quit taking part in CC instant. I agree with I nevertheless have a USCF CC ranking of 17-whatever in their statistics.

    I did not choose up correspondence chess again except ten years later in 2007, in a different exhibition match that featured good CC GM and 15th world CC champion Gert Jan Timmerman. within the fit, he faced the,rest of the realm”. i used to be part of the area crew, and truly, it become about 20 or so of us that he took on and not truly the relaxation of the realm. We used a ‘hydra’ fashion method and would investigate branching strains of analysis on every circulation and record returned our findings. each now after which right through the online game, someone would suggest a captivating alternative to examine, and we’d spend hours and hours reviewing the brand new positions with engine utility. I discovered this to be palatable as a result of there become no paranoia or accusations about engine utilize. It changed into all ‘on the table’ in an effort to talk, with either side vivid full neatly that we now have been exhaustively using engines to enhance the deepest feasible complexities in every and each move we played.

    in the end, we couldn’t somewhat find a forcefully winning endgame line, but we knew that with Jan being only 1 adult, our top-quality guess turned into to keep making essentially the most elaborate strikes to remedy. This method at last cracked Jan’s defence as he overlooked the video game-saving drawing line and went down in defeat. It was an attractive experience to work very hard hand-in-hand with the engines and create a online game that turned into at least on the time a long way beyond any human or engine may do on their own.

    DN: Do you have got a correspondence chess participant who’s your favourite? In case the acknowledge is fine, may you share a correspondence online game which you found desirable?

    WM: One, in particular, I discovered performed inspiringly deep correspondence chess is ICCF GM Nigel Robson 2617 from England. In reviewing his wins, I found them to be each creative and highly deep. not a single move become made with informal reference to an engine, and he would beat other mighty ICCF avid gamers in what appeared to be a holdable position for the opponent. one among my favourites is that this instance:

    It turned into an artistic approach by Nigel to create profitable options in an in any other case very tricky defence to crack. those h5 lines by Black in the Sicilian Najdorf are typically reasonably effective in holding the draw for black in ICCF video games, so for Nigel to grind this hold out shows superb persistence and a deep remedy of each and every movement on his flip.

    DN: And an over-the-board OTB chess player?

    How I grew to be World Champion Vol.1 1973-1985

    Garry Kasparov’s upward thrust to the accurate became meteoric and at his very first effort he managed to develop into World Champion, the youngest of all time. In over six hours of video, he gives a first hand myth of vital hobbies from fresh chess heritage, that you can enrich your chess realizing and revel in explanations and feedback from a different and impressive personality on and off the chess board.


    WM: I even have several favourites: Garry Kasparov, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Peter Svidler, Vladimir Kramnik, and any strong player so one can bring out the Nimzo-Larsen opening like Richard Rapport. that is my standard opening to play in blitz chess.

    DN: each how frequently do you ought to exchange your computer?

    WM: I’ve certainly not changed my ‘machine’. If we’re talking about my computer for chess evaluation, i am the usage of the identical computing device I’ve had considering that 2008. contemporary correspondence chess is rarely all about CPU energy youngsters that definitely helps, but more about the way you put together every move and the way you’re employed with the engine in tandem together with your own ideas. that you could get lazy and buy a powerful computing device, and probably get to a reasonably respectable rating on ICCF just parroting the engine, but that’s now not going to buy you to the properly. if you play too many games at the same time, that you could very simply fall into this rut and stagnate since you wouldn’t have time to in fact investigate the place competently. i’ve been responsible of this myself, and that i’m cutting again on my lively games to supply extra attention to the ones I initiate.

    To definitely excel at modern correspondence chess, you should work with the engine, now not simply have it do the entire give you the results you want. This capability you appear on the cautioned plans from the engine, play these moves out to a undeniable diploma, analyze and assess the resulting positions, go returned and search for choice moves, drive the engine to examine your own ideas, force the engine to look at strikes neither your or the computing device considered, and so forth. You have to really work hard to make wins take place on ICCF.  one of my regular evaluation thoughts is to initiate a notepad and area off candidate moves in line with the classification of stream i.e. simplest pawn moves, simplest knight strikes, handiest bishop strikes, etc.. Then I examine and copy the research into the notepad. sooner or later once I conclude my research, I should come to a decision what the optimal flow to play is, and the choicest circulation is not all the time the highest evaluated through the laptop engine.

    DN: In OTB chess we now have the concept, possibly a fantasy, that the outlet repertoire displays the internal values of the player. Is such idea also genuine for correspondence chess?

    WM: not on the improved levels. You ought to fluctuate and check out new processes all of the time, or your opponents get intelligent to your repertoire and prepare rotten traps you might no longer be privy to. I’ve finished it myself many times in CC play, the place I review my opponent’s previous games and i see they are a life-lengthy French Defence or Caro-Kann Defence participant, after which I evaluation these games and search for strains that they have not been adequately ‘established’ in opposition t. It doesn’t all the time repay as a pick, however really provides to your options. When it does pay off, it’s very pleasing no longer just because you received the online game, however since you put within the analysis to make it ensue. It wasn’t some fluke purchase over a bad line the opponent selected. You go in with the concept you are going to reveal them their repertoire is vulnerable and you comprehend it earlier than even they realize what’s going on. i think that’s actually regularly the case in true OTB chess games too.

    DN: Many avid gamers of the previous have been correspondence chess gamers. I think additionally nowadays it be somewhat critical, for bettering to apply correspondence chess. What’s your opinion about this?

    WM: It is dependent upon what you wish to get out of modern correspondence chess. For me, I found it be a good tool to study new openings or get a much better figuring out of main strains. on account of my CC games, i’m more regular with the Sicilian Sveshnikov than i would have ever discovered as a passing hobby in say a chess book or video on the field. I’ve additionally heard and really viewed for myself that desirable OTB GMs will regularly employ successful tactics taken without delay from correspondence video games, after which they get the entire credit for arising with this ‘fabulous’ new novelty to engage the online game. As I stated, I’ve seen this occur on more than one occasion, and that i say to myself.”Uhh, no. He failed to invent that flow, it was played 3 years in the past on ICCF and we CC gamers are quite widely wide-spread with it”.

    DN: Russia in OTB chess has the optimum variety of GMs and titled players in customary, is there an identical correlation with correspondence chess?

    WM: I can’t speak intelligently about the records of what number of titled ICCF players there are for every country. but when you take say the excellent 100 CC avid gamers, best seven of them are Russians. So there’s an exquisite broad variety of activity all over the area. due to the fact you play at domestic and don’t should travel, it picks up greater of a huge birth of titled players.

    DN: might you clarify how complicated it is to turn into Correspondence World Champion, in evaluation with OTB World Champion?

    WM: once more, it could be unfair for me to make any such assessment considering I will not have the OTB journey it will lift to become world champion in that area. having said that, i will be able to speculate according to what I’ve considered. In OTB chess, you have to play smartly enough right through the yr in certain hobbies to qualify for the Candidates match, you then need to rob that, and then beat the present World Champion. In ICCF, there may be a longer cycle of removing tournaments. First, there are the Preliminaries, then the Semifinals, then the Candidates Tournaments, and then ultimately the winners of the Candidates Tournaments play in a closing match for the world crown. As such, it could actually recall decades to become world CC champion, however you knew you were going to hold each qualifying event. This additionally ability that there’s more regularly than no longer a new champion in place of the equal adult profitable it via defending their title against a specific person. To make the comparison greater simple from an OTB standpoint, imagine Fabiano Caruana’s seize within the fresh Candidates tournament; now think about him having to engage once again in that very same event layout an further two instances in a row to develop into the world Champion. it is about what it be like on ICCF, and it takes extreme ‘good fortune’ combined with challenging work and YEARS of creating the choicest strikes to get there.

    DN: The OTB chess world is plagued with cheating controversies in a variety of kinds, be it sandbagging, or individuals hiding telephones within the restrooms. Is there an equal variety of dishonest in correspondence chess?

    WM: well, as you comprehend with the aid of now, i am most likely playing in a CC arena that makes it possible for desktop engine usage. That being observed, on-line websites that restrict computing device engine usage are RIFE with cheaters. You simply cannot cease them all, and every right participant listing I’ve viewed on a given website has people continually using engine support in suave how to not get totally caught ‘purple-handed’. here’s why I exclusively play on ICCF when it involves CC. You should not have to be anxious about dishonest or trying to stop it, as a result of all and sundry can employ whatever thing they must come up with the finest stream. The enjoying field sort of becomes more beautiful, besides the fact that children there’s the probability of collusion of players to gang up on one adult, like say in a country versus nation adventure, however this is a infrequent circumstance.

    DN: what’s your Centaur opinion over AlphaZero? Would you be in a position to beat it in a good in shape?

    WM: That whole spectacle seemed to be a spun tale with a stacked deck. If AlphaZero had been to play in an actual engine tournament just like the TCEC, I critically doubt it could even make it to the semifinals. in terms of beating it notwithstanding, I couldn’t say if that might in fact ensue. It might play some thing like the Petroff and easily draw and that could seem to be like some kind of small victory on its part. although, i will say it is going to now not beat me in a Centaur CC game. it truly is simply no longer going to turn up.

    Komodo 12

    In laptop chess there is not any getting past Komodo: Komodo is a triple TCEC Champion.


    DN: Did you appear on the new AI known as Leela Chess?

    WM: I’ve heard or not it’s in response to the identical idea as AlphaZero, and i be aware it effortlessly builds a database in response to video games it plays against itself. or not it’s as much as 2500 FIDE degree now from what I take into account. I actually do not know a good deal about it, but i will say once more that these sorts of engines won’t be able to trap up with the potential constructed up from CC databases, until, of path, these video games are delivered as some kind of percentage-based play element.

    DN: In chess, I have a database of widely used games, which I watch earlier than a tournament for thought. Do you have got a group of 10 conventional correspondence games?

    below: Wolff Morrow also received the Silviu Nenciulescu Memorial CC Trophy

    WM: I not ever selected a exact-10 checklist, but sometimes when i’m attempting to find inspiration, i could overview a powerful ICCF participant that i do know will continue to upward thrust within the ranks, and that i seem to look how he reacted to an opening I should be would becould very well be facing. probably the most essential part of up to date CC presently is the way you tackle the hole. And for that, you should do lots of research before you even play the primary circulate. If somebody likes to play the Berlin Defence, you superior be aware of this forward of time and be organized to change to an Italian video game or play d4 in its place. There are some openings that are rather ‘dead’ on ICCF in terms of having any actual possibility of catching Black in a foul position, so that you must be at all times conscious that your opponents might just come to a decision they need that convenient draw.That being stated, the drawing price is fitting higher and better on ICCF as a result of the severe practise and a number of openings being simply ‘solved’. As such, I have to admit that contemporary Centaur CC might not remaining plenty longer before you may set up a repertoire and easily never lose a video game in keeping with taking part in secure defences as Black, and conversely taking part in the most effective side-stepping strains as White to prevent Black from doing the equal to them.

    often instances americans speculate about no matter if chess will also be solved. i will say with heavenly simple task, with how it’s occurring up to date CC on the proper degrees, or not it’s already very near that factor. it be my opinion that in 25 years a contemporary CC player, armed with a filtered database of CC games and the strongest engine, will comfortably play ‘solved’ chess may still they decide to method the video game from a,safeguard first” standpoint.

    a big thanks to Wolff Morrow for letting me borrow his wisdom and deep competencies of the enjoyable world of up to date correspondence chess!

    last options

    What are the games from the correspondence database in fact instructing us? I believe the brief answer is: method! Pure method. Why? as a result of once you eliminate mixtures, tactics, and neglected checkmates, what occurs is that so as to catch the game you should overcome the opponent in a creative effort, the place the human spirit is put at check, and where the laptop’s brute drive is stretched to the limit, with a view to achieve true splendor.  stay tuned for more information from the world of Correspondence Chess, and this newest Chessbase Correspondence Database, which contains lots of impressive games.

    Corr Database 2018

    Corr Database 2018 is an in depth collection of correspondence video games, featuring classical correspondence games played by way of mail as well as e-mail games.



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